Team High Life

We started as a team of around 20 members in 2006, and now in 2024 we are up to 75 plus members. Our team consists of members from all over the United States, ranging in ages from youth to retirees, consisting of both men and women.
For Team High Life RAGBRAI is about having fun, it's not a race! You might ride with the same or different people each day at a faster or slower pace depending on how you feel and how much you drink! Enjoy the food, fresh air, new and old friends. You may even decide to find a old oak tree to take a nap in the shade during the day. If you decide you want to increase your speed that day you can join Larry, Forrest, and the support crew in what they call the ultimate High Life experience - The Bus!!!!!!
Once your ride is over, clean up, eat, chill out or go out. Downtown is where the Beer Garden and live music are, or join any other party along the way.

Just have fun and LIVE THE HIGH LIFE!!!!   It's your vacation, do it your way...........                   

Cheers from Team High Life's Dysfuctional Board of Directors - Tim, Fred, Larry, and Rob

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